“May I help you?” – Customer service stalking

Scribbled on September 15th, 2011

imageFirst time I’ve ever seen something like this take place, but I’m pretty sure it’s a growing trend. To be more specific, I stumbled upon a typical angry customer video displaying a malfunctioning product of a specific company to the public. The company in question here is Comcast. The one and only comment below is a YouTube user named “ComcastCares1”, a Comcast tech support representative in charge of scouting for YouTube videos that portray Comcast in a negative light. (the number “1” in his username probably implies there are more of them, but they don’t exist, yet) He politely leaves his name and e-mail, and suggests that the video uploader contacts him for further assistance. Polite? Or a tad creepy? While I understand Comcast’s position and their willingness to help in a more personal way, the very thought of a gang of tech support guys scanning the internet for videos like these may come off as stalking. After doing a bit of stalking of my own, it appears that ComcastCares1 has commented on more videos than just this one. If by any chance customers get to resolve matters like these via e-mail that quickly, it’s still not okay since that kind of behavior sends out a very clear message – “We’ll keep you on hold and we won’t help you over the phone unless you post an incriminating video about us online.”


Moon landing conspiracies

Scribbled on July 21st, 2011

On behalf the rational people of Serbia, I hereby apologize for any and all future comments online that mindlessly glorify Nikola Tesla for the purpose of dissing any other western accomplishments. Tesla himself would slap the shit out of this guy if he had the chance:

People they didn't land on the moon,on 08:56 - 08:59 this "real" nasa video from moon is clearly fake,I can see cables on top of the astronaut for christ's sake,and in 09:06 you can see it again when he is jumping. Greetings from Serbia and Nikola Tesla rules

People walked on the Moon. Now if even an entertainment show like Mythbusters can't make that clear for you, please be so kind to crawl back into your conspiracy hole and shut the fuck up.


The real drug

Scribbled on December 12th, 2010

snoozeIt’s the snooze button. It’s a blessing, and a curse. It can make an additional 5-10 minutes of sleep seem like heaven – with chocolate frosting on top, but it comes with a tradeoff… those 10 minutes of pure bliss is just the amount of time I have to brush my teeth, fix my hair (yeah, like I can actually do that) and take a proper piss without applying 3 times more PSI to my urethra just to hurry up and get going asap. One has to question himself: “Should I just turn the TV off before going to sleep, or watch shitty 30 minute sitcoms that rely on a background laugh track to make it watchable?”. The answer is not important at the moment, because I’m sure I won’t have any trouble getting up tomorrow morning, and I won’t even think about hitting the snooze button. I promise.


Tales from the rooftops–Volume II

Scribbled on October 2nd, 2010

CIMG0195Location: “Veliki Izvor” (translated: “Great spring”), Serbia, near the city of Zaječar… Was adjusting an antenna for a certain customer, unsuccessfully if I may add (cabling meant for TV use doesn’t really do it for 2.4GHz frequencies that require very high sensitivity, and that was the case here), when I noticed an older part of the village on the short horizon… Older houses have a certain retro feel to them, since they were built in the 40s, 50s or 60s with function and robustness in mind, not kitsch glamour and showing off, as most houses are today in this general area.

Afterwards, I slightly stood up on the roof only to notice something that’s so utterly disgusting, that farting ones face should be considered polite in comparison:


With so much available land and potential organized and controlled dumping space around, why the hell do the folks here dump their every day trash in this stream (which is quite beautiful, if I may add)? Furthermore, why does this trash look like it’s been lying here for a year or two? That’s because it has… and nobody gives a shit. Kudos on taking a dump in your own back yard people, mother nature is taking her Xanax as we speak...


Tales from the rooftops – volume I

Scribbled on May 29th, 2010

08052010 It was getting pretty windy during a regular maintenance session, so I sort of had to get the fuck off before I got electrocuted from the approaching storm. There are plenty of guy wires on top, and all that is needed for them to accumulate some pretty strong zapping power is for a medium sized lightning strike to happen within a 1km radius. (won’t make that same mistake again, trust me) Recently, even the guy wires are properly grounded so it’s perfectly safe up there, but it’s still not a good idea to be hopping along a slippery rooftop during a rain shower.


“Excuse me sir, but we have no available parking space at the moment”

Scribbled on May 29th, 2010

08022010 Said the snowman politely… Certain individuals will certainly be pissed. And yes, I found an old picture and decided to post it 🙂


He installs Windows

Scribbled on May 29th, 2010

02032010Windows – he installs it. ‘Nuff said.

Alright, I haven’t said enough, and here goes: It pains me to see people cashing in on something that has been originally constructed as a simple and user-friendly few-step process which takes only a few key presses to configure. It pains me even more that someone is willing to call himself an IT professional while noting “Windows setup” as a primary capability. To all the guys and gals working their asses off to upgrade their customers’ hardware in a budget conscious manner, hunt down missing drivers, carefully load their PCs with software, setup the surrounding network and train the end user accordingly – I salute you. To all the idiots only doing a complete HDD format and installing Windows XP over a preinstalled Windows 7 system because it “runs better” – may Cthulhu have your soul.

If you are reading this, then it is obvious that somebody pissed me off with the above mentioned actions and asked for my help on how to install a dial-up modem. Attached picture is only mildly related.



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